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Rule-of-Three: 06/06/2011
R&D Staff

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers! Here’s how it works—each week, our Community Manager will be scouring all available sources to find whatever questions you’re asking. We’ll pick three of them to answer, whether about the about the making of the game, the technical workings of our DDI studio, or anything else you care to know about… with some caveats.

There are certain business and legal questions we can’t answer (for business and legal reasons). And if you have a specific rules question, we’d rather point you to Customer Service, where representatives are ready and waiting to help guide you through the rules of the game. That said, our goal is provide you with as much information we can—in this and other venues.

1 Since the themes introduced in Dark Sun are different from the themes introduced in Dragon, will there be anything to bring the former more in line with the later?

When we introduce a new mechanical element like themes, we naturally push the boundaries further as we do more work within that element. The themes introduced in Dragon are one new way we can build them; and, since the Dragon themes hand out static benefits rather than the option to swap out a power, they do offer more utility—especially for psionic characters (except for the monk), as well as the slayer, knight, and similar classes with alternate power progressions. We don’t plan on revising the Dark Sun themes, but as we add more themes we can include Dark Sun on the list of potential topics.

2 Updates to the cleric followed two weeks of articles explaining why the cleric hasn’t traditionally been the most popular class to play—why “nerf” a class you’ve already identified as one that’s not as popular?

It was a coincidence that the Legends & Lore columns on the cleric were released at the same time as the class updates. Legends & Lore talked about four of the five updated classes in the recent past, so the cleric was not meant to be singled out for attention. It’s also important to keep in mind that the class updates focus on correcting errors and balancing powers. If we see an area of weakness in a class, we will usually produce new content for it rather than go back and revise existing material.

There are some exceptions, such as the playtest updates we released for the warlock class (on 06/03). In that case, we had received consistent feedback that the warlock’s damage was too low and decided to make adjustments to the existing powers.

3 Now that so much is online, what is the definitive source for updated rules? Is it the Compendium, or should we be looking at the official errata documents, even if the Compendium doesn't agree?

The latest rules update documents are the definitive answer for any conflicts you see between what’s in print and what’s in the Compendium.

How can I submit a question to the Rule-of-Three?

Instead of a single venue to submit questions, our Community Manager will be selecting questions from our message boards, Twitter feed, and Facebook account. You can also submit questions directly to So, if you’d like to have your question answered in the Rule-of-Three, just continue to participate in our online community—and we may select yours!

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Our past encounter conversions have explored N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God and B1 In Search of the Unknown. Which adventure would you be interested in having covered for a future encounter conversion?

Where should the next encounter come from?
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