Previews Archive | 9/20/2010
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Lords of Madness Preview 6
Peter Lee

For this last preview, here’s a look at some of the miniatures in Lords of Madness best suited for player characters.

It’s been tough to find miniatures for Dragonborn and Dwarf spellcasters. This set has one of each: the Dwarf Beguiler is the first female dwarf wizard, and the Dragonborn Elementalist is the first dragonborn spellcaster. Both miniatures are inspired by art found in the Player’s Handbook. Can you find both?

This set also features the first Deva and Shardmind miniatures. With a bonus in both Wisdom and Intelligence, the Deva Fanatic is a strong choice for an isolating Avenger character. The Shardmind Dominator is likewise a great miniature for either a psion or an orb-wielding Wizard.

The last miniature to show is the Thri-Kreen Mantis Warrior from Dark Sun. Like all the minis in this preview, the included stat card provides Monster stat cards that any DM can use. The Thri-Kreen’s card matches the monster stats on page 97 of the Dark Sun Creature Catalog.

That’s it for previews for Lords of Madness. Keep an eye open for the upcoming Beholder box set, and I’ll see you next time!

Peter Lee
Peter joined Wizards of the Coast in 2008 as the lead designer for the D&D Miniatures line. Since then, Peter has worked on projects for the D&D Roleplaying Game, D&D Miniatures, Star Wars Miniatures, and Heroscape. Peter is also an accomplished miniature painter and sculptor.