Podcasts Archive | 5/30/2014
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D&D Podcast: Tyranny of Dragons
Shelly Mazzanoble, Bart Carroll, Trevor Kidd

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In this episode of the D&D podcast, we first sit down with R&D to discuss the announcement of Tyranny of Dragons—as well as the products and programs in support of this campaign. In our next segment, Trevor Kidd interviews Rob Overmeyer about the Neverwinter MMO!

Tyranny of Dragons

Starting this summer, look for D&D's next exciting storyline to take place, Tyranny of Dragons, with events that span the world and products across the entire spectrum of gaming. The first tabletop product begins with the D&D Starter Set, while the Neverwinter MMO module releases August 14th.

You can read more on the official Tyranny of Dragons page, as well as the Neverwinter: Tyranny of Dragons announcement.


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