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Gamer Resolutions
Joining the Party
Tracy Hurley

I t's January—the start of a new year, and for many of us a time to look at the past and set goals for the future. I asked people on Twitter to talk about what gamer resolutions they'd made. Most fit into the following categories: find a group, play more, introduce new people, improve their game, attend a convention, write more, and live healthier. Each of these could be a post (and hopefully will be in the future).

For now, here are a few quick links to help meet some of these goals.

Finding a Group

Many local D&D groups have a account. An index of groups can be found here. I've also heard of groups forming as a result of D&D Encounters play, so if you are new to an area, going to an Encounters session or season is a good start. In addition, many gaming stores have a board for announcements, including people looking for players or DMs.

Play More

Playing more often is a frequently cited goal by D&D players. Maybe they have a group, but it only meets once a month. Or, for some, a once a week game just doesn't fill their need for more gaming. Play online. Play-by-Post and Play-by-Email are both longtime staples, but, as Stargazer's World writes, the Hangouts feature of Google+ also can help.

Introduce New People to D&D

If I could say only one thing about role-playing game fans, it's that they are passionate, not only about the game but about their love of sharing the game with others. Fear the Boot has an episode on "not overwhelming a new gamer."

Attend a Convention

Attending a gaming convention, whether a local or focused one, such as DDXP, or a big one like Gen Con, can be incredibly rewarding fun. In addition to lots and lots of gaming, they provide an easy way to trade ideas, learn something new, network with people, and more.

Live Healthier

This is high on my list and I know it's on the minds of many of my fellow gamers. One great site is, a forum for D&D community members looking for tips and support.

D&D Next

For those who haven't heard (which we're imagining isn't many), Wizards of the Coast announced some big news recently: a new iteration of D&D. Here are some links to more information:

Tavern Tales

About the Author

Tracy Hurley is a D&D blogger, podcaster, and freelance game designer. On any given night, there is a 50% chance you will find her on Twitter as @SarahDarkmagic, a 10% chance you'll find her on the Tome Show, 4Geeks4e, or the DM Round Table, a 25% chance she's home plotting world domination with her husband, and a 15% chance she's planning a sneak attack. She is rarely surprised, never flat-footed, and uses Encounter powers as At-Wills.

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