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2011 D&D Championship
The Fires of Mount Hotenow

The venerable D&D Championship, the longest running D&D tournament in existence, returns again this year to Gen Con Indy on August 4-7. This year’s team competition sends the players to the region of Neverwinter in the Forgotten Realms, featuring locales present in the new Neverwinter Campaign Setting!

The format changes we made last year to the D&D Championship were very well received, and we’re continuing with the same advancement model and scoring structure again this year. For this year, the characters are 10th level. We’ve even included the characters here to help you prepare for the event!

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Adventure and Character Background

The ravaged region of Neverwinter rises again, slowly rebuilt by dedicated souls. When Mount Hotenow exploded about three decades ago, cracking the earth and spilling a flood of lava that destroyed everything in its path, the city was nearly eradicated. This is one story from that day: a tale of veteran adventurers with extremely bad luck.

The elite crew members of the sailing ship North Wind II have rescued a group of fellow crew members captured by the Eight Finger gang. The victorious characters took a night off for celebration, eventually wrapping up just before dawn at the Shining Serpent Inn. They never could’ve guessed what sort of catastrophe would befall them, snapping them from their reverie and having them fight for their lives as they attempt to escape from the city before they are consumed by Mount Hotenow’s eruption.

The crew of the North Wind II consists of the following intrepid adventurers:

Blackwood, a shade from Amn, is the weaponmaster on the North Wind II. She was born in Netheril, and traveled to Amn to find work. There, she was hired by the Eight Finger Gang to infiltrate the crew of the North Wind II, but found the pay better on the other side. She seldom talks, whispering her secrets to those about to meet their demise from her poisoned weaponry.

Crina, a vryloka from Chessenta, is the navigator. Cast out from her family for being reckless and not aiding them in their efforts to regain their lost station, she uses her rage-fueled arcane abilities to destroy her foes when in battle. Outside of combat, she is seemingly quiet and studious, hoping to one day become the head arcanist on the ship.

Erik, a human Northlander from the Moonshae Isles, is the captain of the ship. Born of a pirate father, Erik has always been at home on the sea. His reputation as a tough brawler and risk taker get him through situations when words fail him, as is so often the case.

Roland, an elf from the Dalelands, is the lookout. The younger of his mother’s children, he went into druidic training with his half-sister Valna and became an aggressive fighter and a master of wild shaping. His favorite form is that of a great gray wolf. He makes snap decisions and often has trouble keeping his emotions in check.

Valna, a half-elf from the Dalelands, serves as the ship’s medic. Born about a year before her half-brother Roland, she spent much time with him growing up. Her druidic expertise is natural lore and animal friendship. She’s has a friendly, calming influence on her other shipmates – with the exception of Roland, with whom she often squabbles.

Event Details

Want to participate? Here’s what you need to know!

  • The D&D Championship is a ticketed event at Gen Con Indy consisting of two rounds. If your team advances, you don’t need to purchase a ticket for the final round.

  • Teams consist of 5 players (you are also allowed to register one alternate). Teams can be registered when they are seated for the entry round. Your team will be provided with 5 pre-generated characters to play during the championship.

  • The entry round runs on Thursday and Friday. The final round runs on Sunday. See the Gen Con Indy program for specific times.

  • The entry round consists of 5 encounters. For the entry round, you will have 45 minutes to complete each encounter from the time the DM starts the clock. Once you finish one encounter and tell the DM you are ready to begin the next one, the timer will begin on the next encounter. Fast play and quick decision-making are critical to completing an encounter within the allotted time. The clock will always be ticking from the time you begin play, so be sure to monitor it.

  • Your group may take short rests between encounters in the entry round when possible, but may not take an extended rest at any point during the D&D Championship. Deliberation during a short rest counts during your game time for either the encounter you’ve just completed or your next one, depending on the team’s decision.

  • Characters that die and are unable to be brought back to life during the D&D Championship are out of play. You may take a fallen comrade’s gear with you during the remainder of the adventure. Players that have a dead character may not help the other players for the remainder of the adventure, but they may continue to observe. Players of dead characters are still treated as a member of the team for purposes of rewards and potential advancement to the final round.

  • Your team stops play and is immediately scored if any one of the following occurs: your characters take an extended rest, all the characters are killed, the team decides by majority vote to stop play, or time runs out before an encounter is finished.

  • Teams advance to the final round based on a scoring system. Scoring will be based on encounters completed, survival of party members, and number of rounds it took the team to complete the final encounter. Additional tie-breakers will be used as necessary.
  • No more than 10 teams will advance to the final round. The final round will consist of one mega-encounter that must be defeated within the time allotted. Scoring will be similar to that used in the entry round to determine the winning team.


All players advancing to the final round will receive a prize. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams will receive D&D product prizes. In addition, the 1st place team will receive special trophies commemorating their victory!

Want to Help Out?

Our Dungeon Masters earn all sorts of valuable perks for running the D&D Championship at Gen Con Indy. If you’d like to run the adventure or help out with other D&D events at the show, contact our premiere organizer, David Christ. He can be reached through his website at

Good luck and we’ll see you at the big show!