Dungeon Issue #184
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By Steve Winter
Adventures come in different varieties. Everyone has their favorites: what are yours?
Adventures grow best if their seeds are planted well before harvest time. Here are the seeds for November's adventures.
By Daniel Marthaler
Seemingly overnight, the peaceful town of Hampstead was turned into a ghoul-haunted ruin. Adventurers will test their physical and spiritual limits as they make a harrowing journey across that landscape while being hunted by a horde of ravenous undead. An adventure for characters of levels 6-8.
By Matt Sernett
The wizard Bolios Whittish commands a flying citadel in the shape of an enormous stone head. But some other force has taken control of Whittish's fortress and is pulling it inexorably toward a distant cliff, and he's desperate for rescue. An adventure for characters of levels 7-9.
By Jeff LaSala
The Fortress of Fading Dreams is a true bastion of evil and the launching point of schemes that threaten much more than the mortal lives it touches. Now that the fey of the Spire of Dreams have had a taste of the waking world again, all will suffer.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you're a new DM struggling with the basic tasks of running a game or an old hand at a loss for how to deal with a perplexing problem, this is where you'll find help and answers.
By Rodney Thompson
Silt covers Athas like a blanket and gives rise to ferocious, deadly silt elementals.
By Ed Greenwood
Rastigur Stornont is a man of prodigious appetites and even more prodigious vices.
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