Dungeon Issue #182
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By Robert J. Schwalb
So you've fought the goblins and made it back to Fallcrest alive. You've braved the Twisting Halls. You've even faced Parald in the Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens. The adventure isn't over, because now it's time to explore the Dungeon of the Ghost Tower! This 2nd-level adventure picks up where "The Twisting Halls" (from the D&D Red Box) leaves off.
By Bruce R. Cordell
This oblong chunk of stone appears unimpressive, but when viewed from the right location, it can be seen for what it is—an artifact of dreams, power, and endless possibilities.
By Peter Schaefer
Curses are a staple of myth and fantasy fiction. We bring them to your Dungeons & Dragons game as a variant of diseases.
By Keith Baker
To understand Q'Barra, you must study the dragonshard trade which drives so much of the region's economy … and its strife.
By Rob Wieland
A beholder has taken up residence on the far side of the King's Wall. No one in Restwell knows what the creature is up to, but it involves a pair of captured rust monsters. An adventure for 4th-level characters.
ByAeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
A group of heroes has slain an adamantine dragon in the Chaos Scar, and the countryside echoes with songs of praise for their deed. But what if that monster had offspring? An adventure for 4th-level characters.
By Rodney Thompson
Athas is a broken world. So broken, some believe, that it is beyond hope of repair. If it can't be fixed, perhaps it can be reborn whole. But to be reborn, first it must die.
By Ed Greenwood
"The Dread Hood" is a wily highwayman operating north of the Snakewood, so-called because of the voluminous, black hood which perpetually shields his features. What hides beneath that hood? Perhaps it's best if you don't know.
By James Wyatt
James pulls back the curtain for one more look—could it be the last?—at his Aquela campaign.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
Whether you want to become a better DM in general or you need help now, "Save My Game" is the place to be.
By Steve Winter
A veritable goulash of topics … but mostly a great sense of joy at seeing Larry Elmore return to the cover of Dungeon magazine.
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