Dungeon Issue #175
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By Dave Noonan
The Scales of War Adventure Path concludes! The epic-level adventurers have beaten and scattered Tiamat's army. The Dragon Queen is reeling as her throng splinters and turns against itself. The heroes must smash their way through the remnants of her dying host and confront Tiamat herself in the heart of her fortress. The fate of the world is about to be decided! A Scales of War adventure for 30th-level characters.
By Steve Winter
What's the iconic trapping and symbol of dungeon adventuring? The door, of course.
By Cal Moore
Somewhere in the Chaos Scar is a forest of glass that sings plaintively in the wind. How did it arise, and what mystery does it conceal? A Chaos Scar adventure for 2nd-level characters.
By Jeff LaSala
Beneath the shining veneer of Fairhaven live those without an elaborate agenda, those who are too selfserving or independent to align with schemes outside their own. These are the survivalists of Fairhaven, itinerant rogues and knaves—wayward souls, perhaps not so unlike adventurers.
By Brian Cortijo
A simple escort job falls into the characters' laps. You're headed that way anyway, so why not make a bit of cash on the journey? Because nothing is ever that simple, that's why. A side trek for five 5th-level characters.
By Peter Lee
Living spells are unike any form of natural life. They have no earthly needs: they don’t eat, sleep, or reproduce. They don't communicate. They only attack, trying to fulfill the direction provided by their arcane instinct.
By Ed Greenwood
Wherever in the Realms you find battlefields, fortresses, or long-established settlements, you will also find hauntings. One such that has risen to popular notice only recently is a spectral, flying lady elf who has become known as "the Gentle Ghost of Silverymoon" for her kindly manner.
By Matt James
In a city that is known for being a source of exotic trade, Ikemmu is a hardy and militant enclave that offers more than meets the eye. Meanwhile, the shadowy sister-haven of Ikemmu resides within the Underdark. This shadar-kai city serves as bastion and axis of both the Underdark and the Shadowfell.
By Mike Mearls
Mike continues to educate on the nature of skill challenges, with unique applications and examples.
By James Wyatt
James discusses the latest changes to his fledgling campaign.
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