Dungeon Issue #160
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By Logan Bonner
If you're looking for more from King of the Trollhaunt Warrens, check out these extra encounters. Alternatively, use any of them to spice up any adventure of a similar level or use them as presented as a self-contained Side Trek. A Side Trek for 11th-level PCs.
By Rodney Thompson
A Scales of War Adventure Path adventure. The PCs are the heroes of Overlook, but before they can really enjoy the fruits of their labors, they receive a strange summons from Brindol. This summons will send them on an adventure that will dramatically shape the coming conflict in Elsir Vale … and possibly have even more significant repercussions in the near future. An adventure for 7th-level PCs.
By Ari Marmell
The brown dragon Urum-Shar lurks in a strange tomb, plotting schemes only a wyrm of incredible power could understand. Expanding on content from Draconomicon, this adventure takes the heroes into Urum-Shar's dark and trap-filled lair, where they will eventually face the powerful dragon herself. An adventure for 25th-level PCs.
By Bill Slavicsek
Dungeon Delve, releasing in February, 2009, features a number of delve-style adventures, familiar to those of you who have played a D&D event at a recent convention. If you're new to the delve or just want a sneak peek at what the book will hold, check out "Summer’s End," a delve adventure for characters of 18th level.
By Stephen Radney-MacFarland
A DM's best friend? Stephen Radney-MacFarland, back with more advice and letters from the mailbag.
By James Wyatt
James discusses the villains in his fledgling campaign.
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