Dragon Issue #391

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By Steve Winter
Introducing Unearthed Arcana, an expedition into the unknown and the unexpected.
By Bill Slavicsek
Bill returns to his usual schedule, but that doesn't mean he has less to say.
By Chris Sims
Ferocious beasts roam the wild places of Athas, making them deadly regions for travelers. But the wastelands are also fertile ground for hunters.
By Robert J. Schwalb
The shadar-kai are new to Faerûn, and they have much to learn as they explore their new home.
By Scott Fitzgerald Gray
The Ghosts of Nerath are among the last remnants of that fallen empire. Their quest is to restore the ancient glory that was lost.
By Rodney Thompson
The revamped, Player's Essentials assassin makes its entrance in playtest form. We want your feedback!
By Mike Mearls
The school of pyromantic magic attracts a certain type of mage: the aggressive, the impatient, the angry, and sometimes the doomed.
By Rodney Thompson
The staff is an ancient and simple weapon. Its unpretentious appearance can mask an efficient lethality.
By Matt Sernett
Dwarves honor Moradin through prayer and tradition. We honor dwarves with a selection of new feats.
By Peter Schaefer
Too many genasi lead lives of forced servitude in the Elemental Chaos. The Amethyst Sea exists to free them.
By Robert J. Schwalb
Muls are iconic to the harsh world of Athas, but you can still import them to other campaigns.
By Steve Winter
Simply getting from here to there on Athas can be deadly. It helps to know the route.
By Stephen Schubert
Shoe discusses the adjusted DCs for skill checks, where they came from, and why they're important.
By Mike Mearls
Grifnar's Weapon Shop is tiny and uninviting, and Grifnar himself is grumpy and unpleasant, but his weapons are top-notch.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
D&D's "Player-in-Chief" survives the apocalypse ... and loves it!
By Paul Park
A shaman finds himself lured to the Feywild. There he will serve as a tool in an eladrin's dangerous attempt to seal a living gate.
By Bart Carroll
Bart rides the Wayback Machine to revisit the knight class.
By Chris Tulach
Chris Tulach writes about what’s going on with official D&D play, the community, and upcoming events!
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