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Treachery, deceit, and vengeance are three pillars of drow society. Dwarves believe that the drow wage war on the people of the surface world only as practice, saving their deepest cruelties for one another. Tieflings have a similar saying: “The only thing worse than being a drow’s foe is being a drow’s ally.” Deep within the earth, in the dark halls of a drow outpost called Phaervorul, the adventurers learn the truth behind these statements.

More than five centuries ago, war raged in the lightless depths of the Underdark. Zombies, wraiths, and worse faced the drow and their slaves, proxies in a divine struggle between the Queen of Spiders and the Lord of the Undead. Orcus, distracted by more pressing matters and angered at Thrullzon’s inability to land a killing blow against the drow, turned his back on his exarch. Soon, the drow slew Thrullzon, seized the gateway to Thrullzon’s realm, and sealed it. They erected Phaervorul both to commemorate their victory... and to keep watch for any further incursions from Orcus and his allies.

A special thanks goes to Mari Kolkowsky, art director for this project, plus cartographers Jason Engle and Mike Schley.

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