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Factions and Foes, Pt. 2
Neverwinter Campaign Setting Excerpts

What care have we for the feuding rabble that grubs about these lands? When fallen Xinlenal regains its rightful place in the skies, all the fractured factions of the North will be nothing more than cowering dogs in our shadow.
—Clariburnus Tanthul, Prince of Shade

Neverwinter teeters on the brink of chaos, but most people remain blind to the danger. The citizens shake their heads at both the Mintarn soldiers’ abuses and the rebels’ responses as they gingerly step over rivulets of blood pooling on the cobblestones.

Yet these conflicts pale in comparison to the secret wars hidden forces are waging from the shadows. A host of allies, enemies, and people caught in between awaits heroes willing to delve into events surrounding Neverwinter:

  • New Neverwinter: Lord Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter.

  • Abolethic Sovereignty: A sect of the powerful aberrant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of Spellplague beneath the city.

  • Ashmadai: A cult of Asmodeus worshipers is bent on dominion in the region.

  • Thayans: Servants of Szass Tam seek to use the region’s magic to raise an undead army.

  • Netherese: The Shadovar intend to raise an important fallen enclave hidden in Neverwinter Wood.

  • Other Neverwinter Factions: A fractured band of rebels is fighting Neverember’s rule, and a war party of orcs is occupying part of the city. Meanwhile, many other groups of note are also scheming in Neverwinter.

  • Other Factions in the Wood: A tribe of Uthgardt barbarians is splintering violently. Angry eladrin have returned from the Feywild to a ruined world. And Cult of the Dragon members are unwillingly aiding the Thayan cause.

  • Denizens of Gauntlgrym: Monsters haunt the lost dwarven city, while duergar dig deep beneath it and drow plot to dominate it. Meanwhile, illithids are reclaiming their holdings in the depths, and elemental beings flock to the buried primordial that burns at Gauntlgrym’s heart.


These people haven’t the slightest understanding of the power accumulating in the earth beneath them—power we must have. A pity that they stand in our way, but who knows? After some time under the earth, perhaps they, too, can be useful to us.
—Valindra Shadowmantle

No nation is as loathed or feared throughout Faerûn as the necromantic magocracy of Thay. In the remote Neverwinter region, far west of Thay’s borders, opposition to Szass Tam’s empire takes many forms. Upstanding citizens and would-be tyrants find themselves on the same side in an effort to fend off and repel the shambling undead creatures that slink through forests and brush along the outskirts of urban areas. Whispers course through the region’s cityfolk, nomadic tribes, and wandering travelers. No one feels safe. Thay is watching, Thay is plotting, and Thayan operatives are working inside the city.

How much more fear—how much more hate—would the people feel if they knew Thay was responsible for Neverwinter’s devastation? What if they knew Thay still sought to take advantage of its earlier failures, to squeeze out the region’s remaining resources at the expense of more lives?

Valindra Shadowmantle—wizard, lich, and hand of Szass Tam—oversees Thay’s interests in the region. And even though many locals know Thayans are skulking about, none realize how large Valindra’s force is, nor how far-reaching her machinations.

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