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Gamma World: Character Options
Famine in Far-Go Excerpts

It burned a hole through the atmosphere as it fell. When it struck, there was a great billowing cloud, white hot and filled with fire, and the impact threw up smoke and dust, raining debris for days on end. Yet we were afraid to look, to see what had come to ground a few miles away. Some worried. Others fretted. A few went on as before, secure in their ignorance.

In time we forgot about the crash, though dark smoke still smeared the sky. One season grumbled as it stomped off, and another came to take its place. Our crops grew tall and our people hale, and all seemed well. Imagine our surprise, then, when those same crops twitched and scuttled, tearing themselves free of the ground to go on a killing spree.


Welcome to Famine in Far-Go, an expansion of the D&D Gamma World Roleplaying Game. Inside its box, you’ll find everything you need to take your Gamma World games in wild new directions. The maps, tokens, cards, and options expand on the core game rules. Want to play a mutant monkey, a sentient fungus, or a gelatinous abomination? This expansion has you covered. And the new gear makes perfect accessories for any season. Want to join a cryptic alliance? Twelve organizations provide plots and intrigues for players and Game Masters alike.

And if you’re a Game Master, the information on East Dah-Koh-Tah and the town of Far-Go provides a ready-to-use campaign setting for D&D Gamma World games. Plus, the "Famine in Far‑Go" adventure at the end of this book can be run as a stand-alone scenario or as a sequel to the core game adventure, "Steading of the Iron King."

Character Origins

Colliding worlds and clashing possibilities produce people and creatures beyond imagining. As explorers expand into new lands and discover strange new life forms, more vile enemies and new allies become available for your D&D Gamma World campaign. Chapter 1 adds twenty new origins to those presented in the core game rules—and we’re showing off two of them:


You’re a glistening, caustic slick of protoplasm contained by a transparent epidermis.

You might be an unsightly gooey lump, but you’re a sentient unsightly gooey lump. Life is far simpler as a single-celled organism. You don’t have to concern yourself with clothing. Heck, you don’t even need cutlery: You roll over your opponent and absorb the nutrients from its liquefied body.

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You are a time-traveler.

In your jaunts through time-space, you have witnessed the singularity that resulted in creation’s birth, dined beneath the roiling skies at time’s end, and walked alongside the dinosaurs. But now, for some reason, you’re trapped in Gamma Terra. Luckily, your jaunts have prepared you for the challenges you will soon face . . . or have already faced . . . or are facing.

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