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Character Origins
Gamma World Excerpts

Gamma Terra is made up of the debris of multiple fractured realities, all competing to occupy the same time-space. You’re a native of this altered world, and a lucky one: You have powers and abilities bequeathed upon you by mutations, reality transpositions, and adaptation to the world left over from the initial time-space disaster. These special gifts are described by your character origin. Each Gamma World character begins play with two character origins.

A character origin is a mutation, a body form, or a talent tree. Each origin has its own ladder of powers and traits, and de scribes what kind of character you are.

Determining Your Character Origins

To determine your two character origins, roll two d20s and consult the table below for each result. Your first roll determines your primary origin, and your second roll determines your secondary origin. If your second roll is the same as the first, then your second origin is Engineered Human (page 56).

Character Origin Table

Roll Origin Roll Origin Roll Origin
1 Android 8 Gravity Controller 15 Radioactive
2 Cockroach 9 Hawkoid 16 Rat Swarm
3 Doppelganger 10 Hypercognitive 17 Seismic
4 Electrokinetic 11 Mind Breaker 18 Speedster
5 Empath 12 Mind Coercer 19 Telekinetic
6 Felinoid 13 Plant 20 Yeti
7 Giant 14 Pyrokinetic

Using Character Origins

Character origins provide traits, powers, and basic character appearance.

Traits: Mutant type identifies the primary ability score for the origin and the origin’s power source. You gain a +2 bonus to overcharge rolls on Alpha powers that have the same power source as your primary origin. Each origin also shows the abilities you gain that are specific to your origin. You gain the traits from both of your origins. If two traits can’t be reconciled, you get only the trait of your primary origin.

Critical: Your origin also determines the special effect or bonus damage you gain when you score a critical hit. When you reach 2nd level, you get the critical benefit of one of your origins (your choice). At 6th level, you gain the critical benefit of your other origin, and both benefit s apply when you score a critical hit.

Powers: You gain the powers of both origins as indicated on the Character Advancement table. At 1st level, you have the novice power for each of your origins.

Appearance: Your basic species and body form is determined or influenced by your origins. Your character "race" falls into one of five broad categories (Mutated Animal, Artificial, Plant, Humanoid, Human).

Sample Origin: Cockroach

You’re a mutated, sentient bug.

You’re living proof that your kind can sur vive nuclear war. You collect stuff that smells good to you but that everyone else calls garbage. Some of that trash gives you valuable experience in salvaging Ancient machinery.

Appearance: You’re a huge cockroach! From a distance, your exoskeleton looks like a long coat. You’ve also got antennae, bug eyes, and spindly limbs.

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