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Martial Power 2 Excerpts: Feats

In today's Martial Power 2 preview, we look at the new feats for your martial hero, at both the heroic and paragon tiers!

Feats provide you with hundreds of options for customizing your character, allowing you to build almost any martial hero you can imagine.

You must meet a feat’s prerequisites, if any, to select the feat. If you ever lose a prerequisite for a feat (for example, you use the retraining rules to replace training in a required skill with training in a different skill), you can’t use that feat until you meet the prerequisites again. A feat that has a class as a prerequisite is available either to characters of that class or to characters who have chosen a multiclass feat associated with that class.

Heroic Tier Feats

Any Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Ambush Tactics 1d6 extra damage against enemy that has not yet acted
Armored Endurance Training No armor penalty to Strength and Constitution skills
Armored Swiftness Training No armor penalty to Dexterity skills
Barreling Charge Charge to adjacent square with reach weapon
Crushing Mace +2 damage with basic attacks using mace
Dragonborn Channeling Dragonborn Expend dragon breath for extra damage on a hit
Draw First Blood Undamaged enemy takes extra damage
Formation Fighting Bonus to opportunity attacks when allies near an enemy
Gnome Weapon Training Gnome Proficiency and damage bonus with hammers and picks
Infernal Might Tiefling Extra damage with infernal wrath
Martial Adaptation Swap daily power after extended rest
Martial Dilettante Half-elf Use Dilettante power twice per encounter
Martial Flexibility Swap martial utility power after extended rest
Martial Ploy Ally rolls twice on attack if you use aid another
Martial Readiness Swap martial at-will attack power after extended rest
Martial Versatility Swap martial encounter attack power after extended rest
Nimble Dodge Halfling Second chance gives –5 penalty and enemy can’t crit
Overrun Critical Critical hit on charge pushes enemy and knocks it prone
Practiced Prodigy Practiced Study Learn two martial practices, add more as you gain levels
Practiced Study Learn and use martial practices
Precision Throw Use Dexterity for ranged basic attacks with thrown weapons
Redoubled Efforts Gain +2 attack instead of bonus to defenses after second wind
Resilience of Stone Dwarf Use second wind as immediate interrupt when damaged
Rumbling Earthshock Genasi, earthshock Deal extra damage with earthshock

Paragon Tier Feats

Any Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Avalanche Reaver Goliath Push target of charge 1 square, shift into vacated square
Deceptive Staff Gain combat advantage after you miss with a staff
Deft Blade Basic attack with light blade targets AC or Reflex
Dwarven Recovery Dwarf +5 to saving throws after second wind
Hammer Shock Trained in Intimidate Melee basic attack with hammer gains rattling keyword
Impaling Spear Melee basic attack with spear targets Reflex
Lashing Flail Melee basic attack with flail slides creature
Martial Accuracy Elf Roll twice when using elven accuracy on exploit
Piercing Pick Melee basic attack with pick targets AC or Fortitude
Punishing Axe Treat rolls of 1 or 2 on critical hit and high crit dice as 3s
Rapid Practice Practiced Study Perform martial practices in half the time
Wicked Blade Basic attack with heavy blade gains high crit property

Fighter Paragon Tier Feats

Fighter Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Clobbering Brawler Brawler Style Daze when unarmed attack crits
Crushing Pin Brawler Style Deal damage when enemy fails to escape your grab
Reliable Persistence +4 to attack same target after reliable exploit misses
Striking Resurgence Trade second wind bonuses to make a melee basic attack
Tactical Superiority Combat Superiority Slow marked enemy hit by opportunity attack

Ranger Paragon Tier Feats

Ranger Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Bestial Death Strike Beast Mastery (boar or lizard) Beast companion gains +1 attack while bloodied, attacks when reduced to 0 hit points
Elusive Movement +1 AC and Reflex if you moved at least 3 squares
Fearsome Assault Half-orc Use furious assault on two targets at once
Gliding Beast Beast Mastery (cat or raptor) Beast companion can shift after it hits
Poisonous Beast Beast Mastery (serpent or spider) Beast companion deals ongoing 5 poison damage on a hit
Rampaging Beast Beast Mastery (bear or wolf) Beast companion pushes creature on a hit
Retreat Technique No opportunity attack when moving away from enemy you hit

Rogue Paragon Tier Feats

Rogue Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Brutal Bludgeon Clubs and maces gain brutal 1 property
Combat Opportunist Ally’s opportunity attack grants combat advantage to you
Disheartening Ambush Sneak Attack Forgo one Sneak Attack die to give your attack the rattling keyword
Dragon Breath Scoundrel Dragonborn, Sneak Attack Sneak Attack creatures hit with dragon breath
Elusive Movement +1 AC and Reflex if you moved at least 3 squares
Expert Sneak Gain combat advantage against enemies with some conditions
Sneaky Gnome Gnome, Sneak Attack Sneak Attack while invisible does not end invisibility
Sneaky Opportunity Deal extra damage with light blade on opportunity attack
Unerring Ambush First Strike In first round, roll two attack rolls against enemy that has not yet acted

Warlord Paragon Tier Feats

Warlord Feat Other Prerequisites Benefit
Agile Command Int 15, Skirmishing Presence Adjacent allies gain +2 AC against opportunity attacks
Commander’s Memory Deva Use memory of a thousand lifetimes on ally’s roll
Cragborn Courage Con 13, goliath, inspiring word Inspiring word heals extra hit points equal to Constitution modifier
Dragon Breath Tactician Int 13, dragonborn Slide ally out of burst of your dragon breath
Fading Forces Gnome Use fade away on self and ally when ally takes damage
Feyborn Stratagem Gnome Allies have combat advantage against some enemies
Feywild Flanker Eladrin One enemy you teleport next to grants combat advantage
Fight On Inspiring word encounter power Gain one additional use of inspiring word as encounter power
Improved Battlefront Shift Battlefront Leader Target one additional character with battlefront shift
Insightful Preparation Allies gain +1 attack against enemies that have not yet acted

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