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Excerpts: AV2 Story Items -- Armor
Adventurer's Vault 2

In today’s Adventurer's Vault 2 preview, we look at the powers and story behind a new suit of armor and shield -- both suitable in the darkness of the dungeon.


No attack is too devastating to be turned aside.

Armor is an integral part of any adventurer’s gear. From the wizard’s robes and the barbarian’s hide to the bard’s chainmail and the paladin’s plate, armor’s protection is available to every hero.

Enchantments improve the wearer’s Armor Class,whether by filling plate armor’s gaps with shields of force or hardening leather armor into something that can stop a ballista shot. Seasoned adventurers can depend on magic armor to protect them even from the teeth of an ancient wyrm.

At least some of the time.

Holy Radiance Armor
Level 15+
This gleaming chainmail glows with the radiance of the sun.
Lvl 15 +3 25,000 gp
Lvl 20 +4 125,000 gp
Lvl 25 +5 625,000 gp
Lvl 30 +6 3,125,000 gp
Armor: Chain
Enhancement: AC
Power (Daily Healing): Minor Action. You expend your use of a Channel Divinity power for this encounter and shed bright light 20 squares in all directions. While within the light, you and each ally gain regeneration 3 while bloodied and a +2 power bonus to saving throws.

Holy Radiance Armor

Xelfide was a den of iniquity, sin, and debauchery. The town, inhabited by villains, leeches, and other low characters, existed outside the realm of law and decency. In such a place, good had little chance to flourish.

Fifty years ago, a traveling cleric of Pelor known as Koslin came to Xelfide with the intention of purifying it. His first attempt was met with outright resistance, violence, and theft. After that disaster, the cleric’s resolve faltered—until he received a vision from Pelor that showed him standing in the town square at noon and praying.

Koslin went to the square, obeying what he saw as a mission from his god. At first, he attracted sneers and laughs, but as he continued to pray, his armor began to glow with increasing brilliance. This demonstration of divine blessing won Koslin many converts to the worship of Pelor. Tragically, the cleric was slain by those who still clung to their evil ways, but not before the town had turned to a righteous path. Holy radiance armor memorializes this sacred act.

Purify Xelfide, Again: In the years since the death of Koslin, Xelfide has slowly returned to its old ways. The corrupt town leaders hold Koslin’s armor and keep it hidden in their stronghold. If a worthy hero can recover the armor and wear it again in Pelor’s name, the town might return to the good.

Remnants of the Underbelly: A few of Xelfide’s most evil citizens fled to the frontier when Koslin converted the town to the worship of Pelor. Before they left, they managed to murder the cleric and plunder his armor, which they buried in their encampment. Now, they plague the town, paralyzing trade, and stealing and killing with no remorse. The citizens seek aid from heroes who walk the same path as Koslin.

Shield of Silver Light
Level 4
This polished shield gleams with moonlight, even in the middle of the day.
Item Slot: Arms 840 gp
Shield: Any
Power (At-Will): Minor Action. The shield sheds bright light 5 squares in all directions. You can end this effect as a minor action. You and your allies within the light treat your weapons (including ammunition, thrown weapons, and the like) as silvered (Player’s Handbook, page 220).

Shield of Silver Light

The township of Brocada was being preyed upon by lycanthropes who controlled the sewers and who had managed to capture most of the city’s silver supply. A group of halfling heroes descended into the sewers to face the beasts, and one of them created this shield as their ace in the hole.

After their success, the creator of the shield set it aside as a curiosity, thinking it was too specialized to be of much use to anyone else. It sat on a shelf for many years, and likely would have been forgotten. But a vengeful wererat stole it and was about to kill its creator when a handful of knights who had been pursuing the beast rescued the old halfling. In the aftermath, they found out about the shield, and the halfling was surprised at how enthusiastic these adventurers were to see it replicated.

By Silver Command: A local bandit is using a shield of silver light to keep his werewolf underlings in line, and they have been very successful in their raids. Claiming the shield would be only one reward for stopping these bandits.

The Wererats Return: Brocada is once again menaced by wererats. The city gates have been closed, and its citizens live in fear. A descendant of the original shield’s creator has a map to a cache of silver weapons, one of which is a shield of silver light, stashed in the sewers below the city. He will give the map to heroes who pledge to end the menace.

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