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Excerpts: EPG Self-Forged
Eberron Player's Guide

In today’s Eberron Player's Guide preview, we present a new paragon path for artificers -- the Self-Forged!


"I improve myself by any means necessary."

Prerequisite: Any race except warforged, must be an artificer

Warforged are an intriguing race, and regard for them ranges from viewing them as property to accepting them as people. Most folks resent, distrust, or tolerate warforged. You take a different view: You want to become one. During the Last War, a few mastermakers who worked in the foundries that produced warforged became convinced that warforged were exemplars of perfection. Now renegades from their former employers, these individuals seek to improve their own forms by installing mechanical augmentations into their flesh.

To become a self-forged, your first step is to install a battlefist, a mechanized steel appendage that resembles a gauntlet with articulated fingers. The battlefist replaces your hand, requiring you to sever your own appendage to make way for the new addition. As a result, only the most dedicated or mad artificers embark on this path.

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