Excerpts Archive | 4/15/2009
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Excerpts: E1 Death's Reach

In today’s E1 Death's Reach excerpts, we present four encounters as well as a look at background lore.

Death's Reach

Powerful entities threaten reality’s foundation as they seek to usurp the Raven Queen’s position. To prevent this cosmic coup, adventurers must enter the Shadowfell’s timeless core, where all things find their end. Death’s Reach is a D&D adventure for characters of 21st to 23rd level.

  • A1: Death Calls (6.8 Mbs PDF)
    Fresh from amazing exploits, the adventurers have come to the attention of the Raven Queen. While they are resting and restocking at a town or city, they receive a strange visitor. With a sound like ravens taking flight, a marut concordant, servant of the Raven Queen, appears in the presence of the party. It appears in the center of the city street, replacing the statue that just moments before adorned the fountain.

  • Z1: Doom's Approach (993 KBs PDF)
    A striking female shadar-kai with elaborate robes, plaited silver hair, and tribal tattoos stands before you, atop a plain, stone platform. Mist appears all around you, except for the glowing portal beyond the woman, directly opposite from where you entered. The Raven Queen’s symbol dangles from a chain around the woman’s neck.

  • R9: Sentinal Traps (996 KBs PDF)
    Both archways explode with silver radiance, producing a sound not unlike the roar of a battle-hardened commander calling troops to the front line. Suddenly, an invisible force grabs you, crushing and hurling you forward, toward the gaping maw in the floor ahead. In the chamber behind you, composite creatures formed of mummified corpse pieces that do not match appear in the formerly empty alcoves to the south.

  • D6: The Wrath of Orcus (891 KBs PDF)
    You begin the Raven Queen’s ritual, and as it progresses the runes on the arch of Nerull’s Gate darken and then begin to glow with blue light. As you perform the last incantations, the arch turns with a loud grinding sound. It makes a complete rotation, stopping briefly three times as it comes around.

    First, you hear the calls of ravens and a swirling form appears in the arch. Black motes of darkness—like tiny, swarming ravens—slowly unite to form the regal form of the Raven Queen.

    "Excellent," she says. "You have done perfectly, and I salute your tenacity and competence. Now, wait a moment, and I shall divine what it is we need to know."

  • Background Lore (495 Kbs PDF)
    The lore in this section offers clues to who might care about those investigating specific topics, as well as those that might seek to avenge the deaths of servants dispatched by the adventurers along the way.