Excerpts Archive | 3/20/2009
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Excerpts: Arcane Hunter
Arcane Power

In today’s Arcane Power preview, we introduce a new paragon path for the swordmage: the Arcane Hunter!


"My arcane powers are ancient, passed down through the centuries so that when I am called to duty, my warding holds fast."

Swordmages are warriors who wield ancient magic to supplement their martial skills. A swordmage channels magic through his or her sword, enhancing attacks, bolstering defenses, and aiding allies. Each time a swordmage presses the attack, a foe must contend not only with the bite of steel, but also with arcs of searing fire, dazzling discharges of lightning, and cold as chilling as any blizzard.

As a swordmage, you share a bond with your sword. When you and your sword are separated, you can call the weapon to hand with a mere thought. Developing this powerful relationship with your blade is the first step to becoming a swordmage, and calling the weapon is the first lesson you mastered.

Swordmages are consummate tacticians, and they recognize the value of teamwork. As a result, you focus your arcane talents on preserving allies against foes’ attacks. You have learned to create an arcane link between yourself and your enemy. This ancient magic is the swordmage’s aegis, and it allows you to punish a foe that dares to attack your allies.

Arcane Hunter

"Every creature is vulnerable to my blade, for any resistance can be overcome."

Prerequisite: Swordmage, aegis of ensnarement class feature

You are adroit at spotting chinks in your enemies' defenses and taking advantage of those weaknesses to inflict debilitating blows. Your arcane senses give you the upper hand when you face creatures that rely on natural resistances.

As an arcane hunter, you might have been trained at an early age to visually recognize the physical weaknesses of creatures. Since then, your magical education has further refined those skills, allowing you to extend tendrils of unseen energy to feel out a foe's flaws.

In your studies and adventures, you have learned that adaptability is one of the best qualities when facing a variety of foes. Instead of specializing in one damage type or one type of attack, you prefer to have options.

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