Excerpts Archive | 1/19/2009
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Excerpts: Practical Guide to Faeries

Have an interest in the Feywild and the secret world of the faeries? Perhaps you have a young adult reader in your gaming group or with an interest in learning more about this magical world? Take heed: You can’t get there on purpose. You won’t find it on any map. And you can’t take the same road there twice. But the world of faeries is very real—and in today’s excerpts we invite you to step inside the latest in the Practical Guide series… though you may never want to go home again!

Dear friend of the faeries:

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Feywild, land of the faeries? You’ve heard of it in bedtime stories—and some people try to convince you that’s all faeries are. After all, you won’t find the Feywild on any map, and if you look it up in the library, it’s not listed in any books or atlases—at least not in the nonfiction section.

Many humans claim it doesn’t exist.

But you know the truth—you wouldn’t be reading this book if you didn’t. Only the lucky few who believe, and who can see faeries, receive this book—and this invitation. A little magic is all it takes.

This magic book,
My faerie spell,
Will take you where
The faeries dwell.

Take a Look Inside: