Excerpts Archive | 11/21/2008
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Excerpts: Astral Dreadnought
Manual of the Planes

In today’s Manual of the Planes preview, we bring you a new creature haunting the Astral Sea--the Astral Dreadnought!

Solemn spirits haunt the gloomy trails of the Shadowfell, sadistic demons prowl the dungeons of the Abyss, and cruel devils wander the twisted caverns of the Nine Hells. From the forests of the Feywild to the citadels of the Astral Sea dwell creatures so terrible and so great that the mortal world would quake at their power.

Astral dreadnoughts swim fearlessly through the Astral Sea in search of prey. A dreadnought consumes its quarry alive, attempting to fill the emptiness of its existence with the souls of others.