Excerpts Archive | 11/14/2008
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Excerpts: Dragonkin Kobold

In today’s Draconomicon preview, we introduce you to a new kobold -- one which becomes an extension of a dragon’s will.

Dragonkin Kobold

These kobolds turn their race's nornmal reverence of dragons into fanaticism. Driven to bind their souls to that of a dragon lord, dragonkin kobolds assume traits and qualities of their new master. The effects of this binding are not immediately apparent, but the kobolds undergo subtle changes in their appearance and stature and acquire unusual powers—at the cost of their independence and individuality.

Every dragonkin kobold bears a dragon scale on its chest that binds it to its master. The flesh around the scale rebels against this unnatural graft, becoming reddened and infected (though causing no discomfort). Dragonkin gain physical features of the dragons they serve, including a more scaly appearance than normal and strange, glowing eyes. They clothe their bodies in the shed scales of their masters, or even stitch them into their flesh, furthering the bond with the lord they gladly serve.