Excerpts Archive | 10/31/2008
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Excerpts: Frostforged Wyrm

In today’s Draconomicon preview, we introduce you to a new dragon -- a new abyssal dragon: the iron-plated Frostforged Wyrm.

Frostforged Wyrm

Demons sometimes capture white dragons from the natural world to “improve” in the forges of the Abyss. The frostforged wyrm is the result: a tortured beast, outfitted with heavy plates of cold-forged iron fixed in place with cruel nails. No matter how hard the dragon struggles to free itself, minuscule demons scramble over its back to secure the armor plates.

The dragon’s original nature is barely recognizable under the mass of spiked metal. Plumes of mist rise from its head plate, and a rime of frost accumulates around it. Such tormented creatures rarely live long—they are either killed by the demons or driven to death by their harsh masters, who see them only as expendable tools designed to spread carnage.