Previews Archive | 9/28/2012
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Gallery: Curse of Undeath
Dungeon Command

Dungeon Command: Curse of Undeath is the fourth faction pack for the Dungeon Command miniatures skirmish game. Don’t know about Dungeon Command? It’s all explained here.

You can also always download the rulebook for a complete look at the game:

(14 Mbs PDF)

Curse of Undeath Gallery

The next faction pack for Dungeon Command releases on November 20th -- and to help preview the set, here are the minis included in Curse of Undeath. Check back as new minis are revealed, and click the name below to view their corresponding Creature Card.

Warrior Skeleton Hypnotic Spirit Vampire Stalker
Disciple of Kyuss Gravehound Zombie
Skeletal Tomb Guardian Lich Necromancer Skeletal Lancer