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Beholder Art Segmentation

The following page had been kept behind a secret (or perhaps concealed) door, with its URL hidden in puzzle pieces scattered throughout the website. With the release of our latest podcast, the secret is now out—and we’re pleased to further showcase the Beholder Art Segmentation project!

May 6, 2011: For those of you following our little puzzle—congratulations! You’ve earned an early look at a unique “Art Segmentation” project as orchestrated by Senior Creative Director for D&D, Jon Schindehette. Of course someone may have just sent you the link, but we're still glad you made it here...

How Did You Get Here?

If you’ve been following the clues, you’ve noticed nine pieces of a picture scattered throughout the website, each containing a fragment of an URL. Did you find them all:

At some point, it should have become obvious what we were spelling out: the URL to a specific D&D article (this one).

What’s the Puzzle Image?

Added together, the assembled image looks like this:

Here it is, without the text. Nice piece of art, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s it Mean?

The original image is a Wayne Reynolds piece. Jon Schindehette used it as a model, sending it out to wide array of artists and asking for their interpretation of the image using their own specific art styles. The results that came back were impressive, to say the least—and a fascinating look at how D&D art can be expressed in a variety of ways.

We wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

The Beholder Art Podcast

Click on the link to listen to the file in your browser, or right-click Save As to download to your computer. (31.2 Mbs, 20:15 minutes)

Be sure to look for the next D&D podcast, featuring Jon Schindehette discussing this art segmentation project and the artists involved. As an enhanced podcast, we've included the art that corresponds with the conversation. When playing in iTunes, be sure to click the "Show or Hide Item Artwork and Video Viewer" arrow to show the artwork. Then, click on the artwork for a larger view.

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