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Illithid Personality Quirks
Appendix d12
By Jason Sholtis

With the Rise of the Underdark campaign underway, this year has seen its share of drow incursions against the surface world—playing out right now in both the current D&D Encounters season and D&D Lair Assault. Add the recent release of Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue, and it’s highly possible that your campaign could be venturing into the Underdark.

To help DMs add further detail to their adventures underground, Jason Sholtis (of The Dungeon Dozen) has provided the following tables—in the spirit of the 1st Edition DMG’s appendices, charts, and random encounters!

Illithid Personality Quirks

Consuming the brains and psyches of beings of unknown provenance can sometimes transfer unwanted/undetected behavioral characteristics to mind flayers.


  1. Perpetually on the verge of bursting into song.

  2. Penchant for tactile comforts: only the finest, most luxurious, softest and plushest fabrics and garments will do.

  3. Enhanced competitive spirit, difficulty resisting challenges.

  4. Knee-jerk politeness, as in “I’m awfully sorry to trouble you, I realize it’s a terrible inconvenience, but I’m going to have to eat your brain now.”

  5. Always fiddling with worry beads taken from victim.

  6. Occasional (and extremely distasteful) moments of awe and reverence for all living beings.

  7. Barbarian-like rages, sudden onset.

  8. Nervous facial tic expressed by inappropriately writhing tentacles.

  9. Waves of despair accompanied by the mind flayer equivalent of inconsolable weeping.

  10. Continual cracking of knuckles, neck, spine.

  11. Irrepressible thirst for the strongest distilled spirits.

  12. Compulsively tries to scratch itchy nose which is not there.

About the Author

Jason Sholtis serves humanity by day as a humble social services worker but keeps evenings free for self-indulgences such as writing, drawing and playing in rock bands. D&D occupies a special place in his heart. His semi-daily blog The Dungeon Dozen focuses exclusively on random tables for the twelve-sided die.

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