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Art: Heroes of the Elemental ChaosD&D Insider Article
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Masters of fire and earth. Lords of air and water. Heroes of the Elemental Chaos is the definitive sourcebook for creating and playing characters with ties to the Elemental Chaos and the primordial beings that dwell there. It shows how the elements can influence heroes of the natural world and presents elemental-themed character options for players.

In addition to discussing elemental power and presenting new character themes with strong story hooks, this book includes new class builds -- including the elementalist and the sha'ir -- and new feats and paragon paths designed to tie existing characters more closely to the Elemental Chaos.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior creative art director for this project, plus art director Mari Kolkowski, and artists Dave Allsop, Mark Behm, Zoltan Boros, Anna Christenson, Steve Ellis, Wayne England, Tony Foti, Randy Gallegos, Andrew Hou, Tyler Jacobson, Jorge Lacera, Slawomir Maniak, Jim Nelson, William O’Connor, Adam Paquette, David Rapoza, Sam Wood, Wayne Reynolds, Steve Ellis.

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