Issue # Date
#421 #421 March, 2013 Make multiclass characters in a whole new way. Face the cold wrath of Cryonax, the Evil Elemental Prince of Cold. Release the mephits! PLUS: Draconian character options and magic items of Krynn.
#422 #422 April, 2013 "Dying is easy; comedy is hard." Those words weren't penned for roleplayers, but they could have been. This month: satyrs, tinker gnomes, and unique character backgrounds!
#423 #423 May, 2013 Dungeons have a primal allure to the inveterate adventurer in all of us. This month, discover the masters of the alluring dungeons, rare Underdark poisons, and the ecology of the gargoyle. Plus, the Inn of the Welcome Wench!
#424 #424 June, 2013 When you look at a dragon, you instantly see its size and power. What you don’t see but should be equally frightened of is its dark, inscrutable intelligence. This month, meet the avalanche dragon and the typhoon dragon, the dragon that never died -- plus, earning achievements, and Martek and the Desert of Desolation!
#425 #425 July, 2013 Elemental evil isn't all we have to offer this month, but it's a big part. Includes the Temple of Elemental Evil, cults that worship slimy, oozing, amorphous evil -- and even more catastrophic dragons!
#426 #426 August, 2013 D&D and mystery don’t mix—or do they? This month, tales of fantastic mystery, a library of useful locations, the improviser's cheat sheet -- plus, the courtier, the spy, and the vigilante added to your library of character themes.
#427 #427 September, 2013 This month, we brush away the dust of ages and reveal primordial beasts that lived before the rise of dinosaurs, or after their extinction. Plus, Nerull, Levistus -- and traits such as bravery, pride and mercy that can help to define your hero.
#428 #428 October, 2013 This month, getting scared is a kick, even when it’s all for pretend.
#429 #429 November, 2013 This month -- apparently, no one around here likes food.
#430 #430 December, 2013 Time really does go by when you’re having fun—especially when it’s playing D&D.
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