Origins: June 11-15, 2014

This year, members of the Dungeons & Dragons team will be on hand at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio to discuss Tyranny of Dragons and the exciting things we have planned for the game. The convention runs from June 11-15. You can find information about D&D events as well as general information about the convention on the Origins website.

Locations: D&D games are located in the Hyatt Hotel, Regency Ballroom. Seminars are located in the Hyatt Hotel outside the Regency Ballroom.


Everything You Want to Know about the New Edition of D&D

With the release of the next edition of D&D slated for this summer, come hear about the design process behind the creation of D&D’s new tabletop roleplaying game products. Aimed at introducing a new generation of gamers to D&D – and appealing to both lapsed and existing gamers – the new edition of D&D is the ideal way to launch a new campaign with a minimum of fuss. R&D panelists will be on hand to talk about the new features that the new edition brings to the table, answer your questions about the game, and give insight into the design process.

Time: Friday 2–4 PM

The Art of the Dungeon Master

Join members of the Dungeons & Dragons R&D team for a panel discussion on the art of the Dungeon Master. We’ll answer your questions about DMing, provide tips and advice, and give insight on the new edition of D&D and the new features designed to make being a DM easier than ever.

Time: Friday 4–6 PM

The Future of D&D Organized Play

A new set of rules means new ways to play the game. Come learn about the exciting future of D&D organized play and how you can get involved in shaping it. We’ll talk about the D&D presence at retail stores and conventions, the role of story, and how it all combines to form the biggest shared-world D&D campaign in history.

Time: Saturday 2–4 PM

The Future of Tabletop Roleplaying

As D&D celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2014, what does the future hold for tabletop RPGs? What are the design trends, the digital platforms, and the emerging methods and styles of play that will shape the future of the hobby? How do tabletop games compete against tablets, consoles, and PCs? Join a panel consisting of today’s leading RPG designers for a discussion on the state of the hobby and its future.

Time: Saturday 4–6 PM

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