Prelude to
the Abyssal Plague
The origin story for the worlds-spanning Dungeons & Dragons event! Now compiled for the first time, and free to download—as a PDF or for your eReader.
The Abyssal Plague

In a dark dimension beyond the known planes of existence, the Chained God thirsts for freedom. Infusing his will into the residue of a long-dead universe—scarlet liquid shot through with veins of silver and flecks of gold—he sends this liquid crystal between worlds to prepare his way. But his will is not the only force that drives the Voidharrow.

Imbued with the power of the Voidharrow, the dragon Vestapalk creates a horde of demonic minions to spread the Abyssal Plague across the Nentir Vale. But the threat is not contained within a single world: Faerûn and Athas must contend with their own outbreaks of tainted demons and virulent plague. Will the Voidharrow consume the multiverse? Will the Chained God break free? Or will the heroes of the age put a stop to the Abyssal Plague?

The Abyssal Plague is an event that spans the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. Seven novels and a five-part novella tell its story across three worlds, and its insidious reach extends into roleplaying products such as Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale and future seasons of D&D Encounters.

The Gates of Madness

The origin story for the worlds-spanning Dungeons & Dragons event!

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The Novels


The Gates of Madness
James Wyatt

(619 Kbs PDF)

The Mark of Nerath
The Abyssal Plague Prologue
Bill Slavicsek
August 2010

The Plague Strikes

The Temple of Yellow Skulls
The Abyssal Plague Trilogy, book 1
Don Bassingthwaite
March 2011

Oath of Vigilance
The Abyssal Plague Trilogy, book 2
James Wyatt
August 2011

The Eye of the Chained God
The Abyssal Plague Trilogy, book 3
Don Bassingthwaite
April 2012

The Plague Spreads

Sword of the Gods
Bruce Cordell
April 2011

Under the Crimson Sun
Keith R. A. DeCandido
June 2011

Erik Scott de Bie
September 2011

Additional Material

Short Story: Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane
Erik Scott de Bie
April 2009

(55 Kbs PDF)

Novella: Chosen of the Sword
Erik Scott de Bie
September 2011

(280 Kbs PDF)
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