Player’s Handbook Exclusive Preview!

In this exclusive online feature, graphic designer Sean Glenn and lead designer Jonathan Tweet present a look at the changing face -- and guts -- of the 3rd Edition D&D Player’s Handbook.

The Evolution of D&D: Three Versions of 3rd Edition Equipment

The game designers at Wizards of the Coast sometimes joke that they’ve been designing 3rd Edition D&D ever since the release of 2nd Edition. While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s true that the process now in its final stages first began years ago. Using a section of the Player’s Handbook’s Equipment chapter as an example, lead designer Jonathan Tweet takes us for a look at some of those early pearls of 3rd Edition game design. Then, travel into the future for a taste of the chapter’s final version in this exclusive online preview.

The Look of D&D: From the Proposal to the Printer

Redesigning the look of the most popular books in roleplaying from scratch was no easy task. But now that the long months of work are over, graphic designer Sean Glenn offers us a virtual slide show featuring illustrations and commentary that showcase the evolving look of the Player’s Handbook, plus a sneak peek at the long-awaited final version!

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