Cliffhangers Adventures

The Village of Camiram
Episode One: Welcome to Camiram
by Stephen Kenson

We’re trying something new with this installment of the Cliffhangers series, to offer you a complete village to use as "home base" for your adventuring party. The village of Camiram (kam-EE-ram) can serve as a safe haven for a group of low-level D&D adventurers as they set out into the world for the first time, seeking fame and fortune. It also can serve as a location for adventurers to encounter in their travels, but it's primarily intended as a base of operations and an example of how to build similar villages. You can place it in the World of Greyhawk, another D&D campaign setting, or a world of your own creation. To fully develop the village, we will offer updates throughout September and October.

Camiram (village): Conventional; AL NG; 200 gp limit; Assets 5,000 gp; Population 502; Mixed (397 human, 45 halfling, 26 dwarf, 15 elf, 10 gnome, 5 half-elf, 4 half-orc).

Authority Figure: Mayor Elyl Shona, female halfling, Nob4.

Important Characters: Tam Flinder, male dwarf Exp9 (blacksmith); Ynda Rose, female human Com4 (innkeeper); Ekam Relles, male half-elf, War5 (sheriff); Evet Skarm, male human Wiz3; Sister Serka, female human, Mon3; Naj Robel, male human Pal2; Sollek Silver-Axe, male half-orc, Bar3, Vosta the Veiled, female human, Sor2; Jinna Yost, female human Clr1 (Pelor/healer).

Others: Town guards, War1 (6); Adp1 (3); Bar1 (2); Dru1 (1); Ftr2 (2); Ftr1 (4); Exp1 (14); Mon1 (2); Nob1 (2); Pal1 (2); Rgr1 (1), Rog1 (1), Sor1 (1); War1 (18, militia); Wiz2 (1); Com1 (431).

Notes: Camiram is a frontier town on the edge of an expanding civilization, threatened by hostile creatures from nearby unsettled lands. Most recently, the inhabitants of the town have contended with attacks from barbarians and nearby orc tribes, but they have been working to forge a peace with the proud barbarians.

The Geography of Camiram

The Village of Camiram

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Unearthing the Past

The village is situated in the midst of open, rolling farmland, surrounded by many outlying farms. The majority of the people of Camiram earn their livelihood through farming, raising crops to feed their families then selling the surplus at the open market in the village. This makes the summer and fall seasons the busiest in the village proper, as folk from the outskirts arrive to sell their produce. During the spring, the farmers work busily planting their fields, although many find time to visit the local inn or attend religious services at the temple of Pelor.

The central village is a collection of low stone, brick, and wooden buildings around an open village square. Some of the structures, like the village's wall, date back to the original settlement of the area, while some are more modern, built within the last generation. They include stables, a smithy, an inn, and the hall where the mayor handles village affairs.

The History of Camiram

The site the village of Camiram occupies dates back well over a century, when this area was last inhabited by humans and other good folk. A tide of evil invaders forced the former inhabitants of the area to flee generations ago. Just over thirty years ago, the tide shifted when adventurers helped push back the orcs and people once more moved into the area and settled in Camiram. Some of the buildings in the village are quite old as a result, and their stout stone construction has withstood the test of time. Newer buildings arose on the old foundations, and some scattered ruins of buildings that couldn't be restored still remain, scavenged for building stone and other materials.

Recent History

Since the area was resettled, Camiram has had to fight off raids by bands of marauding orcs, and the village maintains a stout band of guards along with a volunteer militia to help out in times of crisis. Recently, the town has become the focus of human expansion deeper into the unsettled surrounding lands.

This has caused some concern among the orcs, but also among the barbarian tribes living in the region. Some of the barbarians call for the elimination of these "invaders" into their territory. To deal with the matter, the crown has dispatched able negotiators to hammer out an agreement with the barbarians for mutual defense of Camiram and expansion into the area. The barbarians are wary, but they would prefer an alliance with the people of Camiram over the orcs, and they relish the opportunity to bash some orc skulls.

The Cliffhanger

Unfortunately for both the people of Camiram and the barbarian tribes, the orcs are unwilling to allow an alliance to take place. In addition, a more dire threat to the safety of the village is brewing out in the wild frontier lands, unnoticed for the moment….

Next week: The Village of Camiram continues with Episode Two.

About the Author

Steve Kenson has been a freelance writer in the RPG industry for five years and a gamer for far longer than he'd care to admit. He's written for a number of games including Shadowrun, Marvel Super Heroes, and Dragonlance: Fifth Age. His work appears regularly in Dragon magazine. Steve maintains a website with his gaming articles and information about his current projects. You can email him at talonmail@aol.com.

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