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By Peter Adkison

I've been GMing my campaign of Chaldea off and on since 1981. It's a very high-level campaign, and since it was never intended for publication, I've incorporated lots of material from fiction, movies, and published roleplaying products into the mix with stuff of my own creation. Chaldea was also home to numerous house rules and unique races, classes, and magical items. Wizards of the Coast's first products -- The Primal Order, which proposed a system for deities in RPGs -- was extensively playtested in this setting. Now I'm in the process of converting everything to 3rd Edition D&D.

In order to ease into that process at a controlled rate, and also for a change of pace, the current generation of PCs I'm DMing are on a new plane within Chaldea, which the dragons call Ilboria. It's a barbaric, high fantasy world ( I'm hoping for a Conan-type feel). Current players include Jonathan Tweet, Steve Conard, Cliff "CJ" Jones, Mike Boozer, Joyce Adkison, Melissa Reis, and Terry, Julie, Jonathan, and Katelyn Campbell (the family that plays together stays together!). I also run several groups on a sporadic basis when I happen to be in other parts of the world (France, Brazil, Japan, UK, Gen Con, Origins, and other parts of the United States).

This random NPC generator is similar to one I use in my Chaldea campaign. However, this version uses the tables in the Dungeon Master’s Guide... plus some.

Load up RANDNPC.XLS (Microsoft Excel is required to use this file), select Generate Random NPC worksheet, and press F9 to generate a random character. The Documentation worksheet has more information.

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