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The Tegel Campaign
By Philip Athans

10/13 All About Me
10/13 The Old School
10/16 Dice, Fate, and Happenstance
10/18 The House Rules
10/20 Accessories Make the Game
10/23 To 3 or Not to 3
10/25 The Player (Character)s

I honestly don’t remember exactly when we started. It might have been a year ago now. I’m not even sure whose idea it was, so let’s go ahead and say it was mine, since it turned out to be a good one. We started just once a week, at lunch on Wednesdays. A few of the editors here on the Wizards of the Coast Book Publishing team were curious as to what all this Dungeons & Dragons stuff was about. As the resident Crusty Old Gamer Guy, it fell on me to teach them.

And teach them I did.

About the Author

Phil Athans is a senior editor in Book Publishing at Wizards and the author of the successful novelization Baldur’s Gate. For more about Phil, read his author biography.

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