Player's Handbook 2nd edition (Revised)

---Errata Sheet for First Printing---

The following changes were made from the First Printing to the Second:

1.) Table 14; page 36: Warrior Experience Levels

The "Paladin" header should be moved over the "Ranger" column. Rangers and paladins both advance at the same rate.

2.) Locate Object spell; page 268.

The duration for this spell is one round per level.

3.) Regenerate spell; page 297.

This spell was inadvertently left out of the first printing. The spell should read as follows:

Regenerate (Necromancy)
Sphere: Necromantic
Range: Touch
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 3 rounds
Area of Effect: Creature touched
Saving Throw: None

When a regenerate spell is cast, body members (fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, legs, tails, or even the heads of multi-headed creatures), bones, and organs grow back. The process of regeneration requires but one round if the severed member(s) is (are) present and touching the creature, 2d4 turns otherwise. The creature must be living to receive the benefits of this spell. If the severed member is not present, or if the injury is older than one day per caster level, the recipient must roll a successful saving throw to survive the spell.

The reverse, wither, causes the member or organ touched to shrivel and cease functioning in one round, dropping off into dust in 2d4 turns. Creatures must be touched for the harmful effect to occur.

The material components of this spell are a prayer device and holy water (or unholy water for the reverse).

4.) Regenerate index entry; page 306: The spell has been added to the listing.


Errata for Second Printing

1.) Table 22; page 45: Wizard Specialist Requirements

The Conjurer's opposition schools should read: "Gr. Divination & Invocation/Evoc."

2.) Druid; page 51: The first sentence under the Weapons Allowed header

should read:

"Unlike the cleric, the druid is allowed to use only "natural" armors-leather, padded, or hide armor and wooden shields, including those with magical enhancements."

3.) Table 29; Page 56: The footnote should read:

"* Bards (only) in non-elven chain mail, scale, brigandine, or ring armor suffer an additional -50% penalty."

4.) Table 49; page 105: Carrying Capacities of Animals

The third column should have a header that reads: "2/3 Move." The fourth column header should read: "1/3 Move."

5.) Table 52, page 121: The first footnote should read:

"* Includes bronze plate mail"

6.) The wizard spell continual light should not be reversible (page 181).

7.) Duplication of spell entry; Page 302: Remove hold animals (2nd) from Animal Sphere.

8.) Forbiddance is missing from the Protection sphere listing on page 303.

9.) Duplication of spell entry; Page 303: Remove exaction (7th) from Summoning Sphere.

10. ) Disintegrate is missing from the spell index on page 304.


If you have noticed any errors different from those detailed above, please contact TSR, Inc. in any of the following ways.

E-Mail: TSRJim@aol.com

U.S. Mail:

Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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TSR grants permission to distribute this document in its original form.

Last Updated: 6/22/95.

©2003 Wizards of the Coast, Inc. All rights reserved.
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