Axe of the Dwarvish Lords
By Skip Williams

This high-level adventure in the tradition of The Rod of Seven Parts and Return to the Tomb of Horrors involves the most powerful artifact of the Dwarven Clans! Players and Dungeon Masters love the detail and scope of AD&D super adventures, and this latest offering will not disappoint the most demanding fan. Features a wealth of background information, plenty of maps and DM advice, and a massive dungeon-crawl through an abandoned dwarven stronghold that will keep player groups busy for weeks to come. For 13th- to 15th-level player characters.

TSR#11347, ISBN #: 0-7869-1347-9

Silver Anniversary
Return to the Keep on the Borderlands
By John D. Rateliff

Return to the Keep on the Borderlands and the Caves of Chaos, where fell creatures lurk and wait for unwary adventurers. This presentation of the famous E. Gary Gygax D&D adventure allows characters to re-explore the best-selling adventure of all time! Updated for use with the AD&D game, this adventure expands upon the details of the original, providing even more thrills for beginning-level player characters. This re-telling and sequel to the classic adventure is part of the year-long Silver Anniversary celebration. Players and Dungeon Masters will want to see how their new AD&D characters fare against the original proving ground for D&D heroes. Includes an updated map of the original adventuring region, as well as an expanded storyline in the tradition of the early days of D&D. Whether a DM's players once braved the Keep with their player characters or have only heard stories of this dangerous and wondrous place, Return to the Keep on the Borderlands provides plenty of adventuring action in this 25th year of the greatest roleplaying game of all time! Selected as Best Classic Adventure of All Time (By fans and customers through a survey conducted by the RPGA Network in 1998.)

TSR#11327, ISBN #: 0-7869-1327-4

Dungeons of Despair
Edited by Christopher Perkins

Need a challenge for your player characters? Try these exciting adventures drawn from the pages of Dungeon Adventures Magazine. Includes adventures from the earliest issues, updated and ready-to-play. Are your heroes brave enough to enter the deepest, darkest dungeons and the wildest wilderness settings ANYwhere? For player characters of 2nd to 4th level.

TSR#11444, ISBN #: 0-7869-1444-0

The Shattered Circle
By Bruce Cordell

The ancient circle of standing stones has existed untouched for centuries-until now. A strange force has destroyed part of the circle, breaking its ancient wards. Can your heroes solve the mystery of its destruction and determine what the wards held at bay before it's too late? Find out with this exciting adventure for 1st-level player characters.

Preview: a New Creature "Phantom Spiders"

TSR#11325, ISBN #: 0-7869-1325-8

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