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A Talk with Atari/Bedlam Studios
03/31/2011 - Video Games
Visualize this! spoke at GDC 2011 with Tim Ernst, Production Director at Bedlam Studios.
GameZone on Daggerdale
03/31/2011 - Video Games
GameZone offers their hands-on preview for Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale.
Daggerdale Dev Interview
03/31/2011 - Video Games
NowGamer speaks to Zandro Chan, creative director at Bedlam Games about his upcoming ...
GamePro on Daggerdale
03/31/2011 - Video Games
From their review: "This is the exact game I want on Xbox Live."
Wired on Daggerdale
03/31/2011 - Video Games
"It’s a hack-n-slash adventure filled with loot, magic, and enough detailed statistics to satia...
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D&D Daggerdale has now released on the PlayStation Network!
Daggerdale Art/Video
Unleash your power. Master your weapons.
Prepare yourself for the ultimate adventure.
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