Title Series Brand Author Date
Rose of Sarifal, The Rose of Sarifal, The (no category) Audio Books Paulina Claiborne 05/01/12
City Under the Sand City Under the Sand (no category) Audio Books Jeff Mariotte 10/05/10
Venom in Her Veins Venom in Her Veins (no category) Audio Books Tim Pratt 03/06/12
Skein of Shadows Skein of Shadows (no category) Audio Books Marsheila Rockwell 07/03/12
The Last Threshold The Last Threshold Neverwinter Saga, Book IV (Audio) Audio Books R.A. Salvatore 03/05/13
Gilded Rune, The Gilded Rune, The (no category) Audio Books Lisa Smedman 07/03/12
The Masked Witches The Masked Witches Brotherhood of the Griffon, Book IV Audio Books Richard Lee Byers 02/07/12
Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress A D&D Supplement Audio Books Shelly Mazzanoble 09/01/07
Gauntlgrym Gauntlgrym Audio Book Audio Books R.A. Salvatore 02/12/13
Avenger Avenger Blades of the Moonsea, Book 3 Audio Books Richard Baker 11/02/10
Blackstaff Blackstaff The Wizards Audio Books Steven E. Schend 07/01/06
Amber and Blood Amber and Blood The Dark Disciple, Volume III Audio Books Margaret Weis 11/01/08
Bound by Iron Bound by Iron The Inquisitives, Book I Audio Books Edward Bolme 05/08/07
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