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Bestiary: Displacer Cube
Daniel Dean

L ast year, we held the latest of our Creature Competitions—this time, focusing on hybrids. After asking for your hybrid creations, we arranged a series of duels between sixteen lethal (and occasionally thoroughly quirky) contestants. In the end, your votes put the displacer cube on top of them all as the fan favorite.

Daniel Dean’s monster design included the following description:

It’s rumored that a gelatinous cube once fed exclusively on displacer beasts, and absorbed something of their qualities. Already difficult to spot, the displacer cube’s actual location may be shifted somewhere else entirely. It attacks with gelatinous tentacles that reach out and inflict acidic damage. It’s noted that while displacer cubes are not necessarily interested in absorbing adventurers, they can nonetheless be very territorial.

Here now is the fully realized displacer cube (appropriately, a new monster for Halloween)—which utilizes the most dangerous components of both displacer beasts and gelatinous cubes to create a truly worthy hybrid to pit against your players’ characters!

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