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A Surprising VintageD&D Insider Article
Eye on the Realms
by Ed Greenwood

O ver the last three decades, vintner Oraundas Haeltower rose from being one farmer among hundreds in Tethyr bottling “roughslake” wine for his own and local consumption to the largest purveyor of table wine in the Sword Coast. Haeltower wines are found in so many inn and eatery cellars because they are cheap, smooth, pleasantly nondescript drinkables available by the bottle or the cask. Most Haeltower wines are “sour whites,” so called because they are dry and have a nutty or salty aftertaste. However, Haeltower’s recently introduced sweet “Coast Fanfare” vintages have been very popular, and he has long made a few pale red wines he’s very proud of, and that sell mainly to those who can’t afford the better, more robust reds favored by wealthy and noble drinkers.

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