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Parting Shots
Save My Game
by Stephen Radney-MacFarland

From that last gulp of Mountain Dew late on a Friday night, to finally finding Vecna’s hidden sanctum at the far edge of 30th level, to the last sad session during the week of graduation, all things come to an end. This is my last Save My Game column. I’ve had a good time sharing some of the things I’ve learned in nearly 30 years of DMing (wow, that makes me feel a little old) and continue to learn with each game I run. Over the years, I’ve given a lot of advice on a variety of subjects. This month, I give you my parting shots. Partly a distilled version of all the various bits of advice Save My Game has offered under my stewardship, partly all the stuff that really matters when you’re running a D&D game or campaign, this column is my last hurrah. Enjoy.

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