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The Gauntlgrym GambitD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 3-5
by Daniel Marthaler

“The Gauntlgrym Gambit” begins in the coastal city of Neverwinter. Whispered rumors and fenced artifacts lead the heroes through the trackless wilderness in search of the legendary lost dwarven realm of Gauntlgrym, where they face not only the Ashmadai cultists who uncovered a portion of the city but also the monstrous denizens of its lightless expanse and the strange oozes that threaten to subsume it entirely.

This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® adventure is designed for characters of levels 3–5. For more information on Gauntlgrym, the Ashmadai, and the Abolethic Sovereignty, see the Neverwinter™ Campaign Setting.

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