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Monster Manual Update
Logan Bonner

This article series revisits monsters from the Monster Manual, providing them with additional background and story. In addition, the articles present the monsters in the revised statistics block format that first appeared widely in Monster Manual 3. The monsters have had some minor updates to powers and to some of their statistics, including attack, damage, and defense values. These changes in statistics generally reflect the updates that appear on page 7 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide rules update. This iteration of the article includes gibbering beasts, chuuls, and grells.

Gibbering Beasts

Gibbering beasts are like madness made flesh. The unnatural essence of the Far Realm comes to horrid life in their amorphous, shifting forms. To encounter a gibbering creature is to face nonsense and chaos—a creature that has no place in the world and feels utterly, gut-wrenchingly wrong. Few people survive encounters with gibbering beasts, and even fewer of those retain their sanity.

Gibbering Beasts (332 Kbs PDF)


Chuuls want only two things: to be left alone and to eat people. Fortunately for the creatures, when the first want is denied, the other is usually fulfilled. Chuuls coexist peacefully with only a small subset of creatures, and intruding on their terrain is extremely dangerous.

Like many aberrant creatures, chuuls have psychic powers, but they rarely access those abilities early in their life cycle. As chuuls age, they begin to exude psychic static as they gain limited control over their natural psychic powers.

Chuuls (254 Kbs PDF)


Grells have two priorities: colonizing new lands and eating. Instinct drives them to increase their numbers and extend their sway over as much territory as possible, but their intellect lets them plan their conquests better than any pack of predatory beasts can. Grells fall somewhere in the middle among aberrant creatures: They aren’t genius schemers as mind flayers are, nor are they utterly insane beasts like carrion crawlers. They have the intelligence of humans, but follow alien motivations that cause many of them to live and hunt like animals.

Grells (277 Kbs PDF)

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Logan Bonner's credits include The Slaying Stone and Monster Vault. He lives in the Seattle area and works as a freelance game designer, writer, and editor. You can follow him on Twitter, where he’s @loganbonner.

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