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Pit of DeliriumD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 8-10
by Jeff Morgenroth

A neogi slaver has learned how to harness the psychic energy trapped inside a fragment of the meteor that formed the Chaos Scar and is using it to enslave the inhabitants of nearby Restwell Keep. The adventurers will need all their wits, muscle, and insight to survive with their lives (and sanity) intact.

A strange madness is sweeping through Restwell Keep. As fear and paranoia grow, the characters find they are not immune. Moreover, several of the keep’s inhabitants have disappeared without a trace. To discover what is causing the widespread madness and the disappearances, the adventurers must interact with the keep’s remaining inhabitants and search for clues. At the same time, they must contend with Lord Drysdale and his soldiers, who are obsessed with a nonexistent threat brought on by their own madness.

About the Author

Jeff Morgenroth lurks on the outskirts of Seattle, where he games, thinks, writes, and tinkers away the days. He loves the mountains, dice, martial arts, and his sweetheart, Mariah. Seek him wherever the chorus of frogs drowns out sounds of the highway, or where heavy-metal power chords shatter the still of dark places.

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