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HordelingsD&D Insider Article
By Tim Eagon

T his article expands on the hordeling entry in The Book of Vile Darkness™ by introducing the greater hordeling. Individual hordelings are normally tiny and insignificant, but greater hordelings are bigger, meaner, and much more dangerous. No two hordelings look exactly alike, and greater hordelings are powerful enough that their differentiation makes them a more potent threat. This article presents customization options that emphasize each greater hordeling’s bizarre appearance and abilities.

Enduring Evil: Any experienced demonologist can quickly identify a dretch, a vrock, or a hezrou, despite minor variations in appearance and abilities among such demons. However, the demons known as hordelings defy such easy categorization. Their physical forms and powers vary widely. Swarms of these fiends roam the Abyss, fighting among themselves and devouring anything they encounter.

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