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Ecology of the Satyr of the NightD&D Insider Article
By Rodney Thompson

T he twisted reflection of a capricious troublemaker, a satyr of the night is the dangerous opposite of its fey kin in every way. Normal satyrs are decadent and hedonistic, while satyrs of the night are grim and serious. Normal satyrs are friendly to a fault, but satyrs of the night see only enemies around them. While other satyrs frolic in the eternal green of the Feywild, satyrs of the night hide themselves in the deepest, darkest forests of that realm. Every aspect of the satyr of the night’s being is an accursed mirror of a previous life, for the pleasures that once fulfilled a satyr now drive the satyr of the night to madness.

Sages of the Feywild claim that satyrs of the night are the frightening result of shadow magic seeping into that realm and reshaping its inhabitants. All satyrs of the night are infused with such magic, and their outer forms reflect this. Satyrs of the night are dangerous and evil, and their every action serves to spread vile corruption throughout the Feywild. Despite this corruption, satyrs of the night remain fey creatures possessed of their own free will, malevolent though it might be.

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