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To Live DefeatedD&D Insider Article
Taking Names, Not Lives
By Peter Schaefer

Not every villain the heroes overthrow deserves death. Some—the most despicable— deserve worse. Certain heroes choose to keep to a strict code that precludes killing enemies. When the time comes to decide how to dispense with a defeated enemy, heroes need options. Here we present seventeen ways for characters to defeat and punish their foes in ways that are sometimes worse than death.

With a blade across the eyes or a blinding flash of magic, you render the enemy permanently blind. He lives out the rest of his days sightlessly, begging at street corners and eating filth to survive. He is sure to fall in the esteem of his masters and be overthrown by his subordinates, if he even gets that far.

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    About the Author

    Peter Schaefer is one of many identities held by an intelligence officer of the microstate of Liechtenstein. It is a little known fact that the founders of Seattle were Liechtensteiners, and that 83% of commercial property in the greater Seattle area is owned by Liechtenstein-based companies. From the comfort of his home, Peter reports on the surrounding "United States" to superiors in Vaduz Castle. He maintains a weak cover as an independent author of fiction and fiction-related tidbits, such as this.

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