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The Heartwood SpearD&D Insider Article
Eye on Dark Sun
by Rodney Thompson

When the gladiator Rikus slew the sorcerer-king Kalak, he wielded a powerful primal artifact known as the Heartwood Spear. A wound from this spear is what made the sorcerer-king vulnerable to further attack. Without the Heartwood Spear, Kalak’s defenses would have turned aside the gladiator’s attack. The Heartwood Spear was given to the heroes of Tyr by the halflings of the Forest Ridge, beyond the Ringing Mountains. The weapon channels the primal forces of the world; in many ways, it is the physical manifestation of Athas’s remaining will to fight against defiling magic.

Upon Kalak’s death, the other sorcerer-kings realized that a weapon capable of slaying them exists, and that it can be used by creatures weaker than the sorcerer-kings. The weapon disappeared during the chaotic aftermath of the liberation of Tyr. Though many seek it (both to keep it out of the hands of rebels and to use it against a sorcerer-king), its location remains a mystery.

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    Rodney Thompson is an RPG designer at Wizards of the Coast, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. His credits for the Dungeons & Dragons game include Monster Manual 3, the Dark Sun Campaign Setting, Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, and Monster Vault.

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