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Short and Sweet
Dungeon Editorial
by Chris Youngs

A few months back, we announced that we were setting a clear distinction between player content and DM content by pushing all of the latter into Dungeon. Well, the future is now. As you might have noticed from the content calendar, this marks the first month that Dungeon will begin carrying articles aimed at providing you with stuff to make running your games easier.

In addition to two adventures this month, we have an article from Bruce Cordell describing an aboleth city, along with some sample aboleth encounters and several new varieties of aboleths. We also have an Eberron article focused on the city of Fairhaven. If you were a fan of the "Explore Airspur" articles in Dragon#377 and #378, this article will be right up your alley -- the first in a three-part series exploring the capital of Aundair.

But that's enough tour guiding. If you're concerned about a drop in the number of adventures in Dungeon, we hear you. The Scales of War Adventure Path has more to do with that than anything. Each adventure is long. Really long. As we enter the home stretch of the series (the epic tier kicks off next week), expect to see more shorter adventures. We even have a cool new project beginning next month.

Starting with issue #171, we're launching a new series of adventures, each of which will be between one and three encounters. They will start at 1st level and climb through the heroic tier over the first few months. All of the adventures are set in and around a single, geographic feature: an immense, cave-riddled valley. If this sounds familiar, it might be because the concept was first explored in the classic Keep on the Borderlands adventure. The adventures in this series typically, but not always, have a dungeon focus. The real kicker is that the deeper one travels into the valley, the tougher the caves get. In effect, the players get to decide how hard they want their adventure to be on a given night.

We're excited about this because if you have the list of adventures at hand, all you need to do is show the ever-evolving map of the valley to the players and ask them to pick a cave. We'll be running at least two of these adventures each month for some time, until we have several caves detailed at each heroic tier level. Even if you're not using the adventures as written, you'll be able to port them easily into your own campaign. The valley is easily adaptable.

That's not all we have in the works. In the coming months, we'll also be refocusing our adventure efforts on the heroic tier. We're not ignoring you paragon- and epic-campaigning DMs out there, but we know that most of you are still playing heroic campaigns, and we want to make sure you have the content you need. Stick around and see what else is in store.

In the mean time, what kinds of adventures would you like to see? As we move toward shorter adventures (and more of them), do you want to see city crawls? Wilderness adventures? Horror adventures? Espionage adventures? Something else? What sorts of support articles do you want? Let us know at!

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