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by James Wyatt

A couple of vacations have overlapped to make Greenbrier gaming scarce since I wrote last. We played once three weeks ago, when I ran the opening two encounters from the Scales of War adventure "Rescue at Rivenroar." I re-skinned the ogre in the second encounter as something midway between an ogre and a foulborn hulk (which is to say, I sort of un-skinned it), and had the goblins yelling "Revenge!" as they threw torches around the little village of Greenbrier. In fact, the attack interrupted a meeting of the town elders in which the characters were describing the events that took place in the chasm, and it seems clear that the attack was a reprisal for the characters' incursion into the goblin-filled caves near the top of Greenbrier Chasm. The characters reached 2nd level at the end of that session.

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